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ombro pasanta
2006-01-18, 1:03
Filed under: hajgao

ombro pasanta

ombro pasanta
kaj pufeto de vento
kiu rimarkus?

a passing shadow
and a puff of wind
who would notice?


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Well, if I’m dying,
I do prefer the dying
in fits of laughter

Comment by borut

Very ethereal, very magical, very mysterious.

Comment by The man from Ljubljana

Saluton, Ljubljanski.

La hajko estas inspirita de la biblia Psalmo 144, verso 4:

אָדָם לַהבֶל דָּמה
ימָיו כְּצל עובֽר

Homo estas simila al vana spiro;
liaj tagoj estas kiel ombro pasanta.

The haiku was inspired by the bible’s Psalm 144, verse 4:

Človek je podoben hlapu,
njegovi dnevi so kakor senca, ki izgine.

Man resembles an empty breath;
his days are like a passing shadow

Comment by Lisxano

The marshman from Ljubljana
is tongue-tied –
almost speechless

Comment by The one from Ljubljana


Comment by fdgsfdg

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